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Jacob's Biography

Jacob Aluong is the founder of Nonviolent Youth Initiative, an agency with a vision to see a nonviolent youth that seek nonviolent approaches to counter violence and oppression in the communities across South Sudan. Nonviolent Youth Initiative was founded in 2016, dedicated to providing training to the youth across South Sudan to use nonviolent approach as the mean to address conflict in the communities. It provides training on nonviolent communication, conflict resolution, mediation, and restorative justice in communities. It is motivated by the large number of youth that constitute 70% of South Sudan population that could be turn to peace makers for peaceful co-existence in their communities.

Jacob was born and raised in Sudan, Africa where he experienced and witnessed the suffering of people across the country. This suffering empowered him to dedicate himself to be an aid worker in Sudan and South Sudan to provide humanitarian assistance to the hurting people. While doing the aid work, he realized that wounds we try to nurse are caused by human beings themselves, and therefore he extended his work to prevent violent conflicts. He strongly believes that peacebuilding and conflict prevention are the catalyst to actionable steps to minimize the suffering his fellow country men and women experience.

Jacob is featured sometimes on Eye Radio, a South Sudanese radio station that he actively supports. He has been able to reach many communities through that outlet as he discusses involvement in peace work including nonviolent communication and restorative justice.

Jacob’s work and reach has extended beyond South Sudan as he has been involved in at peace trainings and initiatives in Germany and the U.S.A. He has presented his work with the agency, Towards a Nonviolent World in Germany, and he is a technical advisor for Samaritan’s Purse in the department of International Disaster Relief. Jacob is also a recipient of a sponsorship program through Donor See. To learn more about his work visit http://nonviolentyouth.org/.

Motivational Speech

Peace begin with youth
Former child Soldiers helped by Jacob through his agency to start business. smart way to disarm  fighters.

business for a young girl

Displaced by war and came to town without help
Jacob raised money to help this young girl to be financially independent.


Girls of South Sudan are the marginalized of the marginalized. Jacob didn't want them to drop out of school for them to evade early pregnancy and child marriages in South Sudan. His agency raised money and send them back to class.

exclusive interview with donorsee ceo

Jacob in Washington DC - Credit: Gret Glyer

Life of aid workers in South Sudan

Jacob in the mud while delivering life saving supplies to the needy

Meeting with community leaders to build community defense dyke



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